Merge Mining

Agritrade Resources owns and operates mines co-located in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, totalling 3,663 hectare under Merge Mining Holding Limited (Merge Mining).

Merge Mining is Indonesia’s first large-scale, fully-mechanized underground coal mine in production, pioneering the extraction of previously irretrievable high value resources through careful implementation of underground mining. Our niche expertise in successfully operating this large-scale underground mining project, has enabled us to be at the forefront of the coal industry in Indonesia.

Longwall mining technique recover the highest percentage of in-ground coal and is also considered the most cost-effective method of underground coal mining. This mining method is competitive with most open-cut coal mining operations and allows the extraction of coal resources beyond the reach of conventional open-cut mines. The raw coal mined from the Merge Mining has been classified as high volatile bituminous coal with moderate-to-low ash, low-to-medium sulphur content, and high calorific value (on an as-received basis) of approximately 6,426 kcal/kg in its raw form. Well-sought after internationally, this superior quality of coal meets the benchmark Newcastle coal (6,300 kcal/kg) and KCM coal, and is not frequently found in Indonesia. This enables the group to be able to sell, trade and hedge our coal easily.

Merge Mining is strategically located approximately 84km from the Barito River and near the transhipment port of Taboneo. The ease of transportation to the port ensures that we are able to produce the coal at an affordable price, which allows us to pass the cost-savings to our customers.

The coal extracted from the Merge Mining mine will be hauled to Telenta Jetty, approximately 84 km away. At the jetty, the coal will be transferred onto tugboats and barges to Taboneo Anchorage using the Barito River. At Taboneo Anchorage, the coal will be moved onto the mother vessels to be shipped to its destination market.

The details of the mine are as follows:

  1. Stage: Operation Production (Certified Clean & Clear)
  2. Location: Banjar County, South Kalimantan
  3. Area: 3,663 Hectare
  4. Reserves: Approx. 97.1 million MT (JORC Compliant)
  5. Resources: Approx. 264.20 milliom MT (JORC Compliant)
  6. Export permit: Obtained