Senamas Energindo Mineral (SEM)

Agritrade Resources owns and operates Senamas Energindo Mineral (“SEM”), a 2,000-hectare coal mine in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The coal produced is marketed under our own brand, SEM coal, a sub-bituminous, low sulphur, low pollutant thermal coal with a calorific value (on an as-received basis) of approximately 3,800 kcal/kg in its raw form.

SEM Coal is recognised for its clean burning characteristics and low levels of pollutants in the form of sulphur oxides, nitrous oxides and potential leachates from the coal ash. The coal is black and hard and in some cases, shiny. SEM coal is used to blend with high CV and high sulphur Indonesian coals to obtain better profit exports.

The mine is conveniently located 41km away from Telang Baru Jetty. We barge the coal from the jetty to Taboneo Anchorage through Barito River, ready to be transported to customers via mother vessels. The mine’s proximity to the jetty enables the Group to better manage transportation cost and provide reliable logistics.

The coal extracted from the SEM mine will be hauled to Telangbaru Jetty, approximately 41 km away. At the jetty, the coal will be transferred onto tugboats and barges to Taboneo Anchorage using the Barito River. At Taboneo Anchorage, the coal will be moved onto the mother vessels to be shipped to its destination market.

The details of the mine are as follows:

  1. Stage: Operation Production (Certified Clean & Clear)
  2. Location: Dusun Timur, Dusun Tengah East Barito Regency, Central Kalimantan
  3. Reserves: Approx. 117.9 million MT (JORC Compliant)
  4. Resources: Approx. 152.7 milliom MT (JORC Compliant)
  5. Export permit: Obtained