Agritrade Resources, through our shipping arm Sea Oriental Line, is the preferred one-stop partner for maritime transportation and storage solutions.

Our key differentiation lies in our ability to provide customised solutions, operation efficiency and speedy turnaround time while maintaining our rigorous safety record. We have qualified and experienced professionals providing a range of services on-board including blending, heating, break bulking etc. – each of which, operates in tandem with our customers’ business. This enables us to maintain the quality service that we are recognised for. Our round-the-clock services provide the peace of mind that we will be on hand whenever, wherever.

Together with our commitment to provide excellent customer service, we have become the trusted partner for reputable companies, delivering and storing their cargoes with the utmost care and competency.

To meet your needs, we have the following fleet of vessels:

  1. One chemical and oil tanker

Our Vessels

Ship Management Services

Agritrade Resources, through Sea Oriental Line, offers a comprehensive range of marine services. Our ship management services include technical management, crew management and training, marine consultancy, safety management and operational management. We work in partnership with owners to achieve the common goal of quality operations. Sea Oriental Line has the technical expertise and track record to handle the most complex international shipping operations.

In pursuit of safety and environmental excellence, Sea Oriental Line’s Safety Management System (“SMS”) was set up in full compliance with the requirements of the International Safety Management (“ISM”) Code. We are committed to maintain and improve our SMS system to achieve the safety and environmental-protection objectives adopted by the ISM Codes.

At Sea Oriental Line, we strive to ensure the vessels we manage are in a good condition and available to operate anytime, anywhere, at the best possible performance and most cost competitive levels.