Corporate Social Responsibility

Agritrade Resources has been powering progress by providing affordable energy to grow economies and sustain development.

Respect for the natural world is entrenched in our philosophy and actions, from mine and land restoration planning to local community engagements. We ensure that our mining activities are conducted in harmony with the natural environment and local communities, both before and after the mining operations.

Our commitment to the local community and environment is reflected in the various activities that we voluntarily engage in. We upgrade common infrastructure around our coal mine by building and installing infrastructure such as roads, power station, and water facilities within the town of Tamiang Layang, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Recognising that co-existing with the local community is an essential part of the resource business, we also provide employment opportunities to the residents.

We reduce environmental impact by rehabilitating the backfilled land (“re-vegetation”) and adopting proper water drainage and filtering systems to ensure that the water is safe for sanitation. After rehabilitation, the site is monitored to ensure that vegetation is taking root and animals are returning to the area. Responsible mining will always be a key theme of our business and we will continue to explore the feasibility of providing healthcare and education to benefit the community that we are in.