Our Vision

To be the leading quality energy solutions provider in Asia and the preferred choice for our valued customers, business partners and employees.

Our Mission

As a growing organisation in the coal and shipping sector, we aim to:

  1. Value add to our customers by providing quality products and exceptional service
  2. Maximise efficiency and minimise cost of production
  3. Cultivate unique partnerships
  4. Develop and grow our people
  5. Maximise stakeholders value

Our Values

We believe that living by strong values is important to doing good business. These core values, together with our rigorous code of conduct, are at the heart of every decision we make.

  • Excellence

    Underlying all that we do is our passion for excellence. We are dedicated to make the world a better place by developing and producing the best product and service in the market.

  • Team

    At Agritrade Resources, we are dedicated to our people and desire to provide opportunities for them to excel and attain their full potential. When our employees succeed, we succeed.

  • Integrity

    We are guided by our high standards of ethics that form the foundation of our business. We believe that lasting business relationships are built on trust and we are committed to do the right thing for the best of the society, the environment, our partners and people.

  • Innovation

    We believe that innovation holds the key to improving the world that we are in. We embrace our responsibility to co-create a better place by creating forward thinking solutions and leading edge technology to address market needs.

  • Social Responsibility

    We are committed to be a socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen by taking care of the communities that we operate in. We work hard every day to contribute and make a positive impact wherever we are.