Energy Segment

Increase capacity and decrease cost of production for our coal and renewable energy sectors

Our mining management will continue to work closely with mining experts and technical consultants to plan, model and strategise mining operations to maximise production capacity and efficiency. Our biodiesel management team will continue to enhance utilisation to optimise performance and efficiency of the plant.

Continue building our base of domestic and international coal customers

We have established strong sales and marketing capabilities within the domestic Indonesian market and international markets such as China and India by leveraging on the 35-year commodities trading experience and network of Agritrade International Pte. Ltd. (“AIPL”), the Group’s controlling shareholder. We will continue to grow and strengthen our partnerships with top-tier global coal players.

Shipping Segment

Continue establishing strong and strategic partnerships with global energy companies

Our reputation and proven expertise in executing safe, reliable and efficient operations has enabled us to capture further opportunities to meet our customers’ chartering needs. We intend to continue building and capitalizing on our long-term relationships with international energy companies to expand this business segment.

Market and business diversification

The strategy of market and business diversification will enhance the stability of our financials while minimizing business risk. The success of this strategy is reflected in FY2016 in which our shipping segment served to boost the Group’s overall business results. We will continue to seek opportunities to expand our business and exposure within the energy sector.