We are currently working closely with PT Total Sinergy International (TSI), an Indonesian Technology Company, on a coal upgrading project that improves the overall quality of SEM’s coal significantly. Our continuous commitment in upgrading our coal has contributed to the discovery of Geo-Coal™ technology, worldwide patent-pending and conceived by TSI. Their technology upgrades SEM’s low CV coal to a high CV clean burning coal, it reduces moisture significantly and allows our coal to retain its environmental properties.

Geo-CoalTechnology is able to:

  1. Reduce the free and inherent moisture levels in the coal,
  2. Increase the calorific value of the coal,
  3. Improve on the HGI and handling property of the coal,
  4. Retain the coal’s environmental properties,
  5. Substantially reduce/eliminate the coal’s propensity to ingress/re-absorb moisture.

Agritrade Resources is in the midst of constructing the first ever Geo-Coal™ Technology coal upgrading commercial plant at SEM. This plant will have an output capacity of 1 million tons of upgraded coal per annum. Essentially, this technology will improve our operation by:

  1. Increasing the overall energy quality and commercial value of our coal,
  2. Reducing the total moisture of our coal increases operating efficiency by sharply lowering transportation and logistics costs,
  3. Maximizing our mine's reserves and value due to the higher selling price of SEM's upgraded coal with minimum impact on the cost of production.

The Geo-CoalTM process is able to improve the characteristics of SEM coal shown below:


Geo-CoalTM Upgrading Results

The GEO-COAL process has been certified and tested to work on a continuous basis through performance tests conducted by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance). 

SGS Performance Test Results

*Disclaimer: Certain deviation of SEM coal specification occurring due to some oxidation of coal samples at enclosed testing grounds.