About Agritrade
Agritrade Resources Limited (“Agritrade Resources” or “the Company”) is the owner and operator of PT Senamas Energindo Mineral (“SEM”), a 2,000-hectare coal mine in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia and one of the few Indonesian coal mining companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The Company produces its own brand of SEM coal, a sub-bituminous, low-sulphur, low-pollutant thermal coal with calorific value (as received basis) of 3,800 kcal/kg in its raw form.

Together with our subsidiaries, Agritrade provides integrated supply chain solutions from pit to port, including coal origination, processing and logistics services. The Company currently applies the use of coal upgrading technology, GEO-COAL™, to process and produce higher quality, more efficient and cleaner burning coal.

Agritrade aspires to be a top-tier international quality coal producer, and is committed to meeting today’s market demands and the highest environmental standards in our operations. Ultimately, Agritrade aims for sustainable solutions for the community, environment and our customers through strategic collaborations with the various stakeholders.

Three key competitive advantages
Agritrade has three main competitive advantages which will stand us in good stead as we strengthen our reputation as a solid coal mining company and work towards realising our long term growth aspirations.

1. Management with deep sector experience and strong corporate governance
  • Supported by parent company, Agritrade International, who has been at the forefront of commodities trading for over 30 years and also owns other Indonesian coal mines.
  • Led by strong management teams in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia with sector deep expertise and knowledge of the Indonesian coal market and regulations.
  • Committed to good corporate governance, industry best practices and environmental protection.

2. Large mineable assets and efficient infrastructure support sustainability
  • Only 1,200 hectares out of our 2,000-hectare mine concession has been explored under JORC standards by DMT Geosciences Limited. There are an estimated 117.8 million tonnes of reserves and 152.7 million tonnes of resources as at 11th November 2012.
  • Management prudently estimates approximately 200 million tonnes of reserves for the entire mine concession.
  • Integrated pit-to-port solutions, from coal origination, processing, logistics to delivery and distribution, enable us to manage the entire supply chain process and costs efficiently.

3. Driving growth through capacity expansion, market expansion, and R&D
  • On track to expand production capacity by further exploring our mine concession, and maximise production efficiency by continually upgrading existing logistics facilities and infrastructure.
  • Focused on building on our strong domestic capabilities in Indonesia, and strengthening our base of international customers in top coal markets to tap on growing global coal demand.
  • Continuously create greater value through R&D and upgrading of all aspects of our business and operations, including mining methods, coal handling and product quality. Agritrade has started building its own coal upgrading facility and is currently applying the use of GEO-COAL™ technology, which will process and upgrade SEM coal to a higher rank coal with increased calorific value and lower moisture levels.